Bitesize Berlin

Sara has just returned from a city break to Berlin. An amazing, vibrant city which around every corner there is a humbling reminder of their recent past. With an amazing mixture of museums that cater for all interests and could keep you busy for over a month easily alongside memorials of the more oppressive past which makes us stop and remember.

We stayed in the old Soviet part of the city which allowed us excellent access to public transport and close to the major sights. Within a 10 minute walk we sat in a little cafe looking at the Topography of Terror museum and the iconic Berlin Wall, a short walk down the road you come across ‘Check Point Charlie’ into the more Westernised part of the city where the beautiful old buildings still stand next to the more modern TV Tower and the very recent Sony Centre with its bars and restaurants.

Yet within a half hour train ride you can find yourself in the forests on the outskirts of the capital. Wander through these woods and you stumble on an old Cold War listening Station. This imposing structure can be seen on the hill as you stroll in the forest. The tower was abandoned may years ago and now is covered with urban artwork creating, this otherwise derelict building into something bright and colourful for tourists who wish to experience something a little off the beaten track.


Check point Charlie